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Songs and Stories by Pamy

"The Blue Table"
Memories of home
"The Crooked Man" 
Memories From Mom
"Did You Get What You Asked For?"
What is my family worth?
"Civil War Love Letter" 
The Original SULLIVAN BALLOU Letter
"The HymnSing"
The fun of a country Hymn Sing
"The Wash Day"
How we used to do it!!
"Dog Days"
How do you describe HOT?
"The Filling Station"
My memories of Daddy's Station 
Grandfathers are Special
"Hard Times"
Missing Momma and Daddy
"How Things Ought To Be"
How to be a friend
 "A State of Mind"
Finding Happiness
"In Light Of His Presence"
The Presence of God
"Cowboy Poetry"
From my friend Don
"Kerri's Daddy"
Leaning on a friend
"Love In Oklahoma"
Uncle Willie and Aunt Ellen
"Mowing The Lawn"
Creative lawn mowing!! 
"The Paper Clip Pick"
How NOT to play a guitar
"The Visitation"
The Savior's touch
"The Soldier In The Field"
A story from WWI
"Surprise Pie"
Mom's Peach Pie
The Football Field
High School Romance
"There's A Plant In My Shower"
Adjustments of Marriage!! 
Thrill Of The Hills
More good memories
"When The Playgrounds Were Empty"
The fear of childhood polio
"Will The Bells Still Ring?"
About Country Churches 
 The Trail of Tears
The Cherokee Trail of Tears

Christmas Gift

A Christmas Tradition

Presidential Confusion 

A child's point of view 

Phases Of The Moon 

Moon Watching

Candlemas Day

The meaning of Groundhog Day

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